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easyJet Seat Allotment Consultation

We provide regular seat allocation for Tour Operators and Cruise Companies as easyJet appointed agents.


During our one-to-one Tour Operator consultation we will work with you to provide the perfect programme plan, suited to your every need. By using easyJet’s extensive route network, we can source the aircraft capacity you require, providing the right easyJet solution to match your bespoke needs and timescales.

Booking A one-to-one easyJet Seat Allotment Consultation

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to getting the best easyJet seat Allotments.

Bespoke and tailored service for Tour Operators and Cruise Liner Reps

Receive unrivalled advice and industry knowledge

Allotment that meets your specific programme requirements

The appointed agent for easyJet

Our longstanding relationship with the Skytrail team is built on quality, trust and excellent customer service. With them we know agents can access the easyJet service they need. That's why Skytrail are easyJet's appointed agent.

easyJet Seat Allotment Consultation